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Prior to the Field visit a huge amount of “no longer required” children's clothing, shoes, educational and recreational equipment was donated by several friends and families in the UK and was forwarded by container at the beginning of November. This was personally distributed by the EMCCF team during the field visit as you can see in some of the photographs published.

So, if you have a “declutter” planned for 2019 please put EMCCF at the top of your list and contact us so we can arrange for delivery/collection as we have already started another collection for our 2019/20 projects.

Here are a few areas you may wish to support or head-up on behalf of EMCCF:
  1. Create a unique EMCCF Gambian's children's library — for many electronic learning is a luxury only to be imagined.
  2. School essentials: uniforms, shoes, textbooks, exercise books, pencils, pens and other educational aids.
  3. Provide children with school “transport” especially for those who walk at least an hour or more to get to school every morning, - A bicycle acquisition programme is already embryonic in some schools and has the added advantage of practical skills learning (bike maintenance) to the school curriculum.
  4. Support immunization programs by providing medical items and “no longer“ required equipment to the clinics and health facilities across the country especially, those who focus on mothers and their babies with basic pre and post-natal to help eliminate child mortality rate.
  5. Help us source “redundant“ solar panel equipment and related converter engineering to expand the first steps taken recently to power clinics and schools in the rural communities.
  6. Imagine the impact on a child's learning of one light bulb in the hours of darkness for home learning and parental involvement … priceless.
  7. Supporting sick children and their health bills. Apart from pregnant women and children under the age of 5 there is currently no free medical health care in the Gambia however serious the illness.
  8. Support seriously ill children to travel for overseas treatment when there is no other option in the Gambia.
  9. School fees and educational sponsorship. For example: one full academic year of education can cost between D3000.00 to D10,000.00 (£48.50 to £161.00 English Pound) depending on the age and level of education.

Alternatively, D6000.00 (£100.00) provides a full school uniform, school shoes, school bag, writing materials and note books for a full academic year.

Parents are very proud of a school uniform which is well cared for and handed down to siblings in the same family.

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