2019 / 2020 PROJECTS

  1. Nianija Rice Field Project

  2. a

    Project objectives:

    To generate financial and technical sponsorships for the construction of road-dykes to provide safe and efficient access for the community rice farmers, expand the agricultural opportunities and reduce the level of dependency on imported rice.

  3. Bakoteh Waste Management Project

  4. b

    Project objectives:

    To generate financial sponsorships for the design, engineering and construction of Gambia's first environmental waste management to energy plant to solve the increasing hazard of the current open dump site of municipal, clinical and commercial waste.

    This is a fully commercial opportunity for long-term electricity tariff agreements, and a major step towards Gambia's energy self-sufficiency.

  5. Nyoro Outreach Clinic Project

  6. c

    Project objectives:

    To support Nyoro community to construct a new build multi-purpose outreach clinic by providing them with construction training, building materials and an education programme for the maintenance and further development.

    The project requires both financial and “hands-on” support. This is an opportunity for medium to larger companies to expand their existing or new apprenticeship programmes with a multi-cultural bias.

  7. Mingdaw School Pupil's Project

  8. d

    Project objectives:

    To source and provide the educational and practical equipment to increase and expand the pupil's knowledge of food, nutrition and home science management.

    This project is material and financial donation dependant, and ideally volunteers in domestic and professional experience.

  9. Makka Ali Sar Madrassa Basic Health Programme

  10. e

    Project objectives:

    The project objectives are to promote education of personal hygiene by providing the children with basic living comforts.

    For example: bedsheets, mattresses, soaps, towels, clothes and shoes. This is a residential boarding school for children from very poor rural families unable to provide even the most basics health needs for their children.

    ***This boarding school had a trachoma outbreak in April 2015 and the investigative report discovered the cause of the outbreak was due to poor personal hygiene amongst the pupil at the madrassa and as a charitable foundation we want to support the school to prevent similar outbreaks in the future***

    Read the Report Investigation here.

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