Our Team:

Fatou Bah Bah: Chairwoman and Founder of EMCCF.

Fatou Bah Bah
Fatou Bah Bah is currently undertaking her MSc Adult Nursing at the University of Birmingham. She is a post-graduate of Coventry University graduating in November 2018 with a BA International Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care. Her inspiration for charity work emerged during her eight weeks internship in a settlement in Cape Town, South Africa as a project leader for Community and Social Development.
EMCCF is a realisation of her dream she has been planning for many years and is the ideal opportunity to maximise all the training and educational knowledge for the benefits of the less fortunate children of the Gambia. She believes investing in the children is investing in the future.
She chose to name the charity after her grandfather (Ebou) in recognition of all the good human values he taught her whilst growing up.
As well as managing EMCCF, Fatou is also working at the Birmingham Children's and Women's Hospital as a clinical support worker in addition to her MSc studies.


Robert Parkes: Personal Consultant and Adviser.

Robert Parkes
Following five decades of entrepreneurial business, retirement demanded fresh challenges.
Four years of mentoring Fatou culminated in her final year dissertation "NGO Sustainability in South Africa"; even more challenging today not least for EMCCF against the backdrop of a global pandemic dominating economic and fiscal uncertainty.
Focused determination to overcome all the hurdles, 2020 has proved to be the foundation stones for a charity with vision, creativity, and a "can-do" attitude and the achievements are a testament to a group of individuals coalescing into a powerful force for change and equal opportunity.
Building on the momentum of this last year, 2021 will be a game-changer.


Samba Bah: Vice Chairman and Secretary General

Alhagie Samba Bah
Samba is the Secretary and program Coordinator of EMCCF. Aside from EMCCF, Samba has been working for more than five years with the Ministry of Health of The Gambia as a Public Health Officer, which allowed him to acquire vast experience in serving the most vulnerable people in The Gambia.
He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public and Environmental Health from the University of The Gambia and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Public and Environmental Health from The Gambia College. Currently, he is the head of the Public Health Unit in Serrekunda Health Centre.
In addition, He is also an active member of many Gambian Civic Society, professional organizations and volunteer groups.


Ruthlyn Bidard: Collaborating Partner and Ambassador for Women Federation For World Peace, Birmingham

Ruthlyn Bidard
"I was born in a small village on the top of a mountain in the Island of Jamaica, a beautiful country with doctor birds of many colours better known as humming birds.
My parents left us, myself and three other siblings of which I was the eldest to settle in England to find a better life. I joined them after five years and life was quite hard as I missed my native country and the dramatic difference in the climate.
I became a missionary in 1978 which changed my life forever. I realized that Our God is a real God just waiting to embrace each of us as his children.
When I met Fatou I knew the good lord was and is still working with us. I thank God to know her and for giving me the opportunity work with her making the world a happier and better place. I am very happy to be a part of this Charitable foundation."


Ismaila Bah: Treasurer

Ismaila Bah
Graduated in 2018 from The University of Gambia, he holds a BSc in Mathematics. Prior to that, he completed a three-year teacher training programme at the School of Education, The Gambia College.
Ismaila works with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education of The Gambia as a full-time Mathematics teacher at Sittanunku Senior Secondary School, Nuimi (NBR).
Outside his teaching job, he is volunteering with EMCCF as the Treasurer.


Mamadou Bah Bah: Marketing Administrator

Mamadou Bah
Mamadou has graduated in Accounting and Finance in 2018 at the University of Greenwich and is currently a master's student at the University of East London in Finance and Risk. With this master, he aims to get a better understanding of the financial situations and hopes to create a better financial environment with a sustainable economy leading to a better living quality for everyone.
Alongside of his studies, he is a manager within the hospitality field where he has the opportunity, to apply the knowledge gained from his studies and to develop his personal and professional skills in management and logistics.
Since he has a passion to engage in voluntary activities, he was an active member of Newham and London Metropolitan's students' unions, so it was a natural to join EMCCF, as he firmly believes that he can help make a big positive impact in the lives of many vulnerable children and families in The Gambia.


Hon. Amadou Camara - Adviser to EMCCF on government related issues

Hon. Amadou Camara
A well-mannered, highly trained, dedicated and hardworking member of parliament with working experience in preventive health and community work. Amadou has worked in multi-tribe communities with different stakeholders in community development activities, monitoring and supervising community health nurses, traditional communicators and theatre groups. He has excellent communication skills and an exceptional ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. He is self-motivated with high self-esteem, good mental strength and ability to be calm and calculate under emergency response situation.

Amadou is a member of parliament in The Gambia National Assembly representing Nianija Constituency. He is a member of the following parliamentary committees; Health, Women, Children, Refugees, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Environment and Sustainable Development and Non-Governmental Organizations Affairs.

He also monitors Government Projects and Programs and the Parliamentary Friendship Group between The Gambia National Assembly and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.


Fatoumata .S Bah: Admin Assistant and Planning

Fatoumata is a teacher by profession. She graduated from the Gambia Teacher Training Institution with a Higher Teacher's Certificate (HTC) in mathematics and science and taught mathematics and science in secondary schools in The Gambia.
After several years of teaching, she was awarded a scholarship by the Gambia Ports Authority and is currently undertaking her BSc in Public and Environmental Health at The University of The Gambia.
She has great passion to support vulnerable people in her community in many ways and has served different Community Based Organizations in several capacities such as Secretary General, Treasurer and Chairperson. Her work with EMCCF includes administration and planning.


Ramata Bah Bah: Social Media Coordinator and Translator

Ramata Bah Bah
Born and raised in Spain, Ramata graduated in June 2020 from Aston University, in International Relations and Sociology, international development being one of her main interests. She joined Fatou to fulfil her dream to help support vulnerable children and their families in The Gambia.
Ramata is currently undertaking her master's in project management at the La Salle Campus Barcelona, Universitat Ramon Llull. Her objective is to get deeper understanding of the complexity of dealing with project management in international arenas such as educational improvement, social development and civil rights.
In addition, she is an intern at the International Relations Department of La Salle, where she assists and supports the department with the management of bilateral and Erasmus+ agreements with other partner universities. She is currently working on La Salle's CRM database, updating the Institution's website and creating an international newsletter.


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